Frost Viking Guide

For patch: 5.0.0

Frost Viking in all its glory

Guide Book

So a bit different than other builds, the hatchet is gonna be your only damaging weapon (unless you decide too go int scaling) for this build.


First of all the perks in the tables are ordered based on the most important perk in the first slot. So Perk 1 and 2 are mandatory, while perk 3 is optional. The only exception are for named items. In those cases the last perk is the choosen perk.


Artifact Item Type Gem Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3 Acquisition-Links
Freya Hatchet Japser (runeglass) Empowering Rending Throw Refreshing Move Penetrating Backstab Genesis
Syncretic Hatchet Japser (runeglass) Keenly Jagged Rogue Penetrating Backstab Brimstone Sands
Deep Freeze Ice-Gauntlet Any-Runeglass Refreshing Move Vicious Healing Tomb Glacial Tarn
Ice-Gauntlet Any-Runeglass Healing Tomb Attunement Plagued crits


Named Weight Item-Type Perk-1 Perk-2 Perk-3 Acquisition-Links
Heavy Helmet Elemental Aversion Freedom Shirking Heals
Featherweight Light Chest Refreshing Physical Aversion Shirking Heals Glacial Tarn
Heavy Gloves Elemental Aversion Freedom Shirking Heals
Light Legs Elemental Aversion Freedom Shirking Heals
Medium Boots Elemental Aversion Freedom Shirking Heals


Named Item Type Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3 Acquisition-Links
Tanglevine Amulet Amulet Thrust Protection Shirking Empower Health PvP Track
Privateer's Heriloom Ring Hearty Slash Damage Mortal Empowerment Barnacles
Endless Thirst Earring Empowered Toast Fortifying Toast Healing Heart Savage Divide


This my ideal setup, but you dont have too run this exact setup. Here are some alternatives to certain items:

  • Weapon Hatchet

    You can pick either Freya or Syncretic Hatchet. Both are decent options. I would go Syncretic if I was to play the int version of this build and use the ice gauntlet artifact.

  • Ice Gauntlet Weapon Perks

    Healing tomb is mandatory even tho the heal is base health. The heal is not very big but it is enough to save you, especially because we use so low con for this build. Unbroken winds is pretty good option if you decide to go with int scaling.

  • Hatchet Weapon Perks

    Refreshing distancing throw could be viable, but not a priority.

  • Ring

    You either go privateer for a strength build or crafted ring for int build. Hearty and damage perk are mandatory but the third can be whatever you want.


So for heartrunes we have one option.

  • Stoneform

    Stoneform is bugged and hasnt been fixed yet. Avoid if possible.

    Stoneform is mandatory for any melee glass cannon build. You have to play really defensivly if you do not pick this heartrune.


As this is a glass cannon build you wanna try and go as low con as possible. I would run around 50-100 con if I run one of the death defy trees, but for the full throwing tree I would go 150 con

Strenght Dexterity Intelligence Focus Constitution Example Images
200 300 5 5 100 example
250 300 5 5 50 example
350 200 5 5 50 example
350 250 5 5 5 example
5 5 500 5 100 example


We should be looking for 24% thrust resistance (38% with shield), 24% fire resistance, 10% strike, 10% slash. We use 4 rubies and 4 onyxes to achieve this.

Weapon Tree


  • Berserker

    This has been the standard build for a long time and it still holds up. I dont find it as fun as the other option, but I recommend it for most players. Hatchet standard weapon tree

  • Full throwing

    A really powerful option if you can aim. You do lose death defy, so i would recommend going a bit more con, but otherwise its pretty good. Hatchet full throwing weapon tree

Ice Gauntlet

  • Deep Freeze Storm

    This is your option if you wanna run defensivly Ice Gauntlet standard weapon tree

  • Sns counter

    A pretty cool option if you find yourself against sns players. Im unsure about how much damage you lose by going int scaling but it should be fine. The first one is a bit more aggresive than the second option. Both are equally viable. Ice Gauntlet sns counter weapon tree Ice Gauntlet sns counter weapon tree