Standard Spear Guide

For patch - 5.0.0

Spear in all its glory

Guide Book


First of all the perks in the tables are ordered based on the most important perk in the first slot. So Perk 1 and 2 are mandatory, while perk 3 is optional.


Named Item Type Gem Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3 Acquisition-Links
Spear Japser (runeglass) Penetrating Backstab Fortifying Perforate Plagued Crits
The Butcher Sword Jasper (runeglass) Empowering Whirling Blade Keenly Jagged Gem Socket Dynasty


Named Weight Item-Type Perk-1 Perk-2 Perk-3 Acquisition-Links
Frigid Dawn Helmet Heavy Helmet Elemental Aversion Enchanted Ward Health Glacial Tarn
Void Darkplate Heavy Chest Enchanted Ward Physical Aversion Health Glacial Tarn
Frigid Dawn Gloves Heavy Gloves Enchanted Ward Elemental Aversion Health Glacial Tarn
Frigid Dawn Legs Heavy Legs Enchanted Ward Elemental Aversion Health Glacial Tarn
Frigid Dawn Boots Heavy Boots Enchanted Ward Elemental Aversion Health Glacial Tarn
The Pharaoh's Tower Shield Tower Shield Thrust Shield Ward Fortifying Shield Rush Sturdy The Ennead


Named Item Type Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3 Acquisition-Links
Tanglevine Amulet Amulet Thrust Protection Shirking Empower Health Elysian Wilds
Deepriver Ring Ring Hearty Thrust-Damage Purifying Heart Siren's Brute
Endless Thirst Earring Empowered Toast Fortifying Toast Healing Heart Savage Divide


This my ideal setup, but you dont have too run this exact setup. Here are some alternatives to certain items:

  • Tower Shields

    You can also go for a custom shield with Flame shield ward.


So for heartrunes we have a couple options.

  • Rending Vines

    Rending Vines is a fantastic offensive and defensive option.

  • Stoneform

    Stoneform is bugged and hasnt been fixed yet. Avoid if possible.

    A very good option, as it allows for much lower con.


Strenght Dexterity Intelligence Focus Constitution Example Images
200 250 5 5 150 example


We should be looking for 20% thrust resistance 36% fire resistance, 5% strike, 5% slash. We use 4 rubies, 2 onyxes and 2 moonstones to achieve this.

Weapon Tree


  • Vault kick bis

    A pretty big counter too anyone using shields. Vault kick destroys blocked stamina. Spear weapon tree

  • W enjoyer

    As the name implies this is the most aggresive tree. Spear weapon tree

  • Arena build

    Probably the most fun build, but pretty shit in group fights Spear weapon tree


  • Full chase

    This is your go too SnS weapon tree. Fully spec'd for toxic chasing SnS weapon tree

  • Now you gone

    This is the most effective tree. SnS weapon tree

  • Now I'm gone

    Not quite as meta, but feels pretty good. SnS weapon tree